About Danny Roy

Danny Roy was born Daniel Roy Perniciaro in Bay St. Louis, Mississipi on December 7th, 1950 to the late Marion and Sam Perniciaro. One of four brothers, Danny spent much of younger years working in his father's auto body shop. When he wasn't working for this father in the shop, he spent countless hours practicing his guitar. While growing up, he played in many different bands of many different styles but ultimately ended up playing solo on the road, which he continues to do today.

Danny was given his first big break by the late Dottie West. Dottie helped Danny record each of his albums, under the Indie country music label Bob Grady Records. Some of Danny's best known recordings are "Perfect Combination" and "Thanks But No Thanks", each the title tracks of their respective albums. Much of Danny's success has been the sales of his music overseas.

Danny was involved in Fan Fair from 1989 through 2001 and had his own booth for several years. He is also a member of the CMA, IFCO, and BMI. Danny names his greatest career thrill as getting to meet country greats like Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, and Martina McBride. When he isn't playing music, Danny keeps himself busy with his numerous hobbies that include rebuilding antique cars, woodworking, and collecting records, jukeboxes, victrolias, and other musical instruments. He loves italian food, fried chicken, and hamburger steaks. When he isn't on the road or at home, he spends most of his time in Nashville, Tennessee, his favorite city.