Perfect Combination

Released 1990
  1. Perfect Combination
  2. One Night Love
  3. Mississippi Bound
  4. Time Can't Make Me
  5. I'm Not Ready for Another Fall
  6. I'm On Fire
  7. Nobody Cries For Me
  8. Not With What He Took
  9. Swamp Fever
  10. Keep On Dancin' Baby

Blame Me

Released 1990
  1. Blame Me
  2. I'd Wish Myself Back Home
  3. Thanks, But No Thanks
  4. I'm Not Taking Any Chance to Hurt Again and again
  5. Say You Do
  6. Behind Her Smile
  7. Throwing in the Towel
  8. Reminiscing
  9. Someone New to Take Your Place
  10. I Won't Stop Loving You
  11. Turn Me Off

Me and My Restless Soul

Released 1991
  1. Me and My Restless Soul
  2. Reminiscing
  3. A Case of a Never Ending Love
  4. My Secret Love
  5. A Two-Timin' Woman
  6. A Good Time Man
  7. Help Me Get Somebody Off My Mind
  8. You Can't Break A Heart
  9. I'm Throwing In The Towel
  10. If You're Ready, Willing And Able